I Got My Wisdom Teeth Removed

Liz graciously took notes when she took me to my surgery

9 am - appt
waited ~45 min
went in for consultation ~20-30 min
i went out; prep for extraction
sit out in waiting room; get bagel - 10:32
9:43 - pick up bagel
walk back to dentist; wait
approx 11:20 i get called in
see you in waiting room, seems like you were sitting there for a bit already, nurse tells me youre emotional and everything went well
she leaves; we sit together for a while (justin is kind of emotional etc etc)
you cry a lot and say your face hurts :( it was hard to sit there bc i couldnt do anything for you and you looked so sad but you perk up when you say modern medicine is amazing and i say it is. you sigh and slouch back into the chair
i hold your hands and you lay your head on mine
you ask how long its been since you woke up, i didnt really know at that point, i guess youve been woken up for some time but still quite woozy from the anesthesia
you attempt to stand up but youre very wobbly and the nurse tells us to wait a bit more until youre somewhat more cognizant
i leave for a hot sec
i text your mom
theres another girl getting her wisdom teeth removed and we hear her dad laughing as she wakes up- you start to cry and say ‘ im glad youre here’ ‘im so afraid to be alone, i dont know what i would do if i was alone’ i give you a hug tho it’s awkward since we’re in two different chairs :( this happens a few times
there are more tears, bloody spit is starting to soak through your mask
we were sitting for about half an hour until i saw the girl leave so i get up to ask if we can leave too. nurse gives ok

throughout this entire waiting process you were very forgetful. i wouldve been funny but you were in so much pain and so sad tht i couldnt D:
you multiple times about how many teeth were taken out or about how you got out of the surgery room.

i go back to the little waiting (recuperation room ?) to get you and the nurse comes to give us extra gauze and directions for the next week
you ask if she has your teeth she says no but she has pictures of them. you are confused and want the teeth pics but you don’t understand what the nurse is saying so that goes back and forth for a bit :,) you finally get that its on your phone but then youre confused about who took the pics. i dont know either. i think its you bc in one of the pics you see the nurse’s shoe turned in Such a Way that she couldnt have been taking the pic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
i call an uber - 12:06
we get up from our chairs , i put the stuff in my bag we say bye. the nurse says ‘ take care justin’ and you try to throw a peace sign but its to the wrong direction. i thot tht was funny.
we wait on the curb to get picked up. its another minivan. (!) was kind of surprised
we go home, you seem more awake now
you open all the doors w/o any problems and when ww get to the apt, you sit down on the couch and i start to make you some soup
ur more awake at this point and spit ur gauze out twice onto the counter
i go to walgreens to pick up meds
i wander for like 20 minutes
go back and gib u meds
pretty sure ur totally aware at tht point 👍

I basically woke up and I was putting the key in my apartment. Then I think I woke up again on the couch and Liz was making me soup. Then I was fully conscious.

Recovery Log

date feeling/notes
01/21 ouch, pain
01/22 couldn't sleep last night, so much pain and so hungry; pain meds are helping and everything is much more manageable; swelling is huge today; attempted soft solid food
01/23 woke up 1-2 times last night, but sleeping better; swelling went down, pain is going down, dull ache; i took a bunch of fiber to make me poop
01/24 felt good enough to work; from here on out, everything just steadily improves; can mostly eat normally
01/25 I think finally I started pooping regularly
01/26 bottom second molars are kind-of sensitive -- when the back of my electric toothbrush head touches them it feels odd/cold like when you bite into ice cream
01/28 can almost open my mouth all the way again (without pain)
01/30 right side kind-of hurts, I have to be more careful eating; left side feels more healed
01/31 re-started lifting
02/04 follow-up visit with the doc -- he said the healing looks good; bottom second molars still feel sensitive and weak
02/05 went skiing
02/06 went skiing
02/07 noticed the IV location is now bruised and has a bump; the stiches finally fell out?
02/24 IV location is still a little bruised; I've noticed that putting my electric toothbrush on the gum wound areas at the bottom feels more normal

Sometime in March or April I noticed the IV location felt back to normal. In May, I noticed my teeth were back to normal. The sensitivity doesn't bother me anymore if it even happens (which seems rare now). Overall, would recommend.

title: Wisdom Teeth Removal
date: 2022-05-01
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