Justin Goodman



I'm Justin, current undergraduate honors student at University of Maryland, College Park, double majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. My wide range of interests and abilities center around a common theme: creative expression. From web/app development to film editing to music composition, I am passionate about expressing my creativity through media that others may enjoy. When I'm not at my computer or studying, you can find me cycling with the UMD Cycling Team, playing racquetball with my friends, or tutoring classmates in Computer Science.

Interested in collaborating on a project? Email me at . Interested in getting to know me first? You can find me on LinkedIn and GitHub. Cheers!



A simple board game my friend and I created. Check out the project here.


University of Rochester data science Research Experience for Undergraduates. My partner and I created novel Amazon Mechanical Turk interfaces to build three datasets for training computer vision models. See the data manipulation and interface code we wrote here.

Ti-84 Programs

My old Ti-84 calculator programs. I imported the binaries from my calculator, and wrote a python program to translate them to readable TI-BASIC code. Check out the project here.

Behavioral Economics Android App

This application communicates with FitBit web API and Google Firebase to store and use participants' sleep and activity data. The researchers using this app want to determine if they can use incentives to cause people to sleep more. Check out the project here.

Home Linux Server

I built a Ubuntu server at home over one of my winter breaks. I built it out of an old HP computer. It became unreliable (the computer was probably over 10 years old), so recently I migrated everything to a Raspberry Pi. My future plans are to push the server to cloud-hosting services. I'm currently hosting my brother's blog IronProfessor.

DataLeague 2016

This was created in 24 hours for an open data hackathon in which we were tasked to find a use for a list of open data sources. See the project here.

Fun Stuff:

I like exercise, so I made an interface to view all of my favorite workouts here. Current status: need to add more workouts, and a button to select a random workout.

I also like to cook, so I made a (similar) interface to view all of my favorite recipes here. Current status: I have some recipes I want to remember, but have not made an interface yet.


Music production: Here's my SoundCloud account.

Video editing: Here's a 10-minute documentary I edited for my high school history group.

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